In today’s highly competitive world, effective and credible communication is key to any organization’s success. Even the most brilliant and innovative ideas will not suffice if they are not communicated effectively. Drawing upon the blend of our team’s scientific, engineering, and communication backgrounds, Martel Media will convert your unique idea into a powerful story. We will capture the core and essence of your innovation and ensure that relevant information is timely relayed to your target audience while guaranteeing complete consistency of messaging and tonality – one voice across all available channels.

Martel is at the forefront of technical innovation, covering areas such as 5G, Cloud Computing, Digital Social Innovation, Green Economy, IoT, Smart Cities, among many others. After more than two decades in the innovation market space, we have developed strong relationships with an extensive network of experts, businesses, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and intergovernmental organizations (IGOs) across Europe and beyond. We can directly connect you with potential partners across research centers, universities, SMEs, and corporations. Add to it our Swiss precision and punctuality and a diverse, multicultural team, and you will know that Martel Media is your dream partner.